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Sharing well with others.

As FOSS developers, more than anyone, it is clear that we stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us. It is in this spirit that we make our core technologies available for other people to use; all of our FOSS software is available under the MIT license.

Pangur is a simple no-fuss WSGI micro-framework written in python. It builds on the fantastic werkzeug library to provide a complete framework for building web apps. Pangur ties together Jinja2, WTForms and SqlAlchemy, and implements a plugin system with an intuitive decorator-registry style api for implementing functionality. Pangur also provides a user, authentication and authorzation model which is easily extensible through alchemy object relationships. Pangur is the framework powering PangurPad.

Pomke.js - modules and classes for Javascript, is a small javascript library which implements the concepts of classes and multiple inheritance as well as modules and dependencies – loosely following the conventions of python where appropriate. Pomke.js has been designed with no dependencies and plays nicely with any other javascript libraries you wish to use.

Technology that works.



  • jQuery
  • pomke.js
  • Jinja2
  • Pangur
  • Werkzeug
  • WSGI


  • SqlAlchemy
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Sqlite


  • gunicorn
  • nginx
  • Linux
  • Puppet
  • Virtual/Cloud


  • REST
  • Twisted
  • Message Queues


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Photoshop /
  • Illustrator /


  • Git/Bzr/Svn
  • Selenium
  • IRC bots
  • Redmine
  • Buildbot
  • Continuous Integration


  • Search
  • Payment
  • Mobile
  • i18n
  • Mashups
  • Integration
  • Scalability
  • Distribution


  • Social Media
  • Creative Commons
  • Analytics
  • C/C++
  • Little Languages
  • Lua
  • OpenGL/DirectX
  • Architecture

What we believe in.

At Pangur we believe in quality over quantity. What this means is that we strive to deliver applications that make our users both excited and more productive in whatever they are doing. We do this by writing rock-solid software and by paying special attention to design with a strong focus on user experience.

We believe that small, dedicated teams of developers can be far more productive and flexible than larger ones, and that development methodologies – be they scrum, XP, DDD, TDD – whatever your current flavour, can only work when you have great people who are valued and who value excellence in what they do.

We believe in the right tool for the job, and while we are happy with our various development stacks, we are not precious about them and are constantly reviewing and experimenting with new technologies. When you hire Pangur for your next project you know you are getting industry-leading up to the minute advice, with a healthy dash of pragmatism. Not new for new's sake, but only where it adds value to your project.

Finally we believe in excellent people, regardless of their outward appearance, beliefs or gender. For this reason Pangur was a proud Seed100 funder of the Ada Initiative, encouraging women in technology.

We also hold ourselves to standards of decency and fairness, and will not work on projects which are exploitative in any way. We believe that users of our products should be treated with the same dignity we would like to be treated with ourselves.

People & experience matter.

We're picky about our people, not because we're elitist but because we care about delivering the highest quality systems possible. Our team is comprised of people with decades of real world experience across a wide range of areas. Each of our people are creative in everything they do, and each has something special they bring to the group.

Andrew completed his B.App Comp (Hons1) on the isle of Tasmania in 98' where he devloped IMOS, an interactive prototype-based language & database for online communities. Since then Andrew has worked as a consultant and developer for various companies, including as an engineer in the R&D Lab for Australia's leading telecommunications provider, and as the lead developer designing a highly scalable, globally distributed web framework which is in use by Australia's biggest health insurance provider.

Andrew's strengths lie in his attention to detail and his impecable understanding of computer processing from CPU design right through to high level languages. Andrew is an exceptional developer in any language he cares to pick up, however he is especially brilliant in C/C++ & Python.

Pomke abandoned a Ba.Psych mid-stream when the lure of 'the web' became too much to bear in 99' and started working in a FOSS based consultancy in Melbourne developing web applications in php3 and python/zope. Pomke has never looked back, working in a range of startups from document management and the health-care industry to popular large scale US online video startups, including working with Andrew designing the highly scalable, distributed system for web publishing used by Australia's biggest health insurance provider.

Pomke's strengths are in all aspects of web development, from complex client-side mashups and UIs written in Javascript to scalability and data management in python on the backend, as well as over half a decade leading FOSS development teams in a commercial environment.

Zii has been active in the online art community for almost a decade and in graphic design since 2006. Her work has a strong following on DeviantArt and she has won various competitions as a talented artist and designer, such as designing motifs for AVCon.

Zii is responsible for providing the critically important spark of design and memorable graphics which are a hallmark of Pangur products.

Current Products is a creative writing community and web-based editor for writers and authors of all kinds. PangurPad utilises the latest HTML5 technologies such as browser storage and advanced client side scripting to provide a new writing experience. PangurPad was developed from conception to market in four months, and is now a strong contender in the writing software market. Sign up and see for yourself.

Currently in development, SkunkPad is a collaborative desktop art and illustration tool for use with tablets such as Wacom. SkunkPad is also an artist community website with integrated printing/ordering facilities.

Pangur - A Web Development Company.

Bespoke, highly scalable web application architecture and development in python. With decades of real industry experience building large-scale engaging applications, we deliver software that scales with your business.

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