We are a boutique collective of software engineers and architects, working with modern technology, passionate about robust software development.

We build bespoke, highly scalable web applications that meet the needs of our customers. We embrace the return to functional programming paradigms, leveraging tried and trusted async techniques with new and exciting platforms to deliver service oriented solutions.

With decades of real industry experience building large-scale engaging applications, we deliver software that scales with your business.

Technology that works

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Experienced with PaaS infrastructure such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku and others, we can build your application for a range of robust cloud platforms, or self-managed.

Modern Languages

With commercial experience in many languages, we recommend Node.js for its inherently asynchronous nature and expansive ecosystem. We are also experienced in Python, especially the Twisted networking framework, C/C++, and many others.

Flexible Data Storage

Data is critical, and appropriate data modeling makes or breaks scalable solutions. We believe in the right storage solution for the job, we love PostgreSQL for relational data, MongoDB for structured data and Elastic Search for text indexing.

Rich, client-side apps

We focus on building thick-client applications that will run in your browser or on your mobile device. We prefer the Angular MVC framework for delivering outstanding user experiences. We can work with your own graphic design team or arrange designers for you.